Governance & Oversight

  • Executive Committee.  

  • Board of Directors 

  • Inspector General

Orpe Human Rights Advocates is governed by the Board of Directors, under the guidance of the divine council.

The Orpe Human Rights Advocates Executive Committee approves the organization's biennial programs and the corresponding budget. Our mandate is defined by the Orpe Human Rights Advocates Statute. 

The President is responsible for the direction and control of OHRA. He directs our work with the assistance of a Deputy Chief Operational Officer.

The Inspector General’s Office provides the President with independent assurance and oversight of OHRA's activities and operations. It protects the integrity and improves the efficiency of our programs and operations. It also deters fraud and abuse through internal audits, investigations and other oversight advisory services.

We have operations and personnel working in several countries, with most operations based in the field. The worldwide operation has become highly complex, ranging from recruitment of new colleagues and ensuring their security in dangerous situations to the procurement of everything from medical supplies to food. Specific departments, mostly based in the the United States, 2800 Westchester, Ellicott City, MD 21043 (headquarters), oversee key areas, such as operations, protection, external relations, human resources and finances. A number of regional bureaux liaise between overseas offices and headquarters.