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Rescuing lives wherever human dignity seems to be compromised.

Intervening wherever fundamental rights seem to be impaired.

Taking action in whatever comes to our disposition.

Ours Parthners

Shining Light in the Midst of Darkness

Low-income fights to obtain or keep the essentials of life including home, job, benefits and family face the complexities of the civil justice system without legal counsel. They are five to 10 times more likely to lose. The challenges they face are actually legal in nature and can be fought with an attorney. Unaddressed, the challenges remain barriers to success, even when basic needs are met. OHRA provides legal aid to help low-income overcomes legal barriers that stand on their pathways, impossibilitating them to change of the life for better.

Legal Aid: it can mean a home, a chance to work, benefits and more.

OHRA supports programs that promote equal justice and human rights law. Its division of legal affairs houses the standing committee on legal aid and victims defense, which works on matters relating to access to justice.


Restoring Hope to Those in Hardships

Through our social enterprise programs, we connect your generosity with the people who need it. Your generosity is expected to make a difference in the well-being and outlook of families and individuals who are victims of unexpected natural disasters and other crises. Your donations assist:


  • Single moms and dads working hard   to care for their children.
  • Homeless individuals
  • Veterans

Health Equity

By coordinating with local health providers, substance abuse clinics, and behavioral health centers, we make sure that every individual in the community has access to safe treatment when it’s required. Saving lives is important to our mission statement, whether in a literal sense or by giving people something to live for again.

Caring for All

At Orpe Human Rights Advocates we know that truly supporting others often means going beyond basic needs of food and shelter. That is why we provide programs that take care of mental health and emotional needs as well. When individuals who have experienced intense emotional trauma require a sympathetic ear to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder, we are ready to assist. We also provide disability assistance and mental health programs that improve the quality of life of sufferers and caregivers alike.


Economic Inclusion & Alleviating Sufferings

At OHRA we believe that it is important to care for individuals that society tends to overlook. Our goal is to contribute in ending homelessness through programs that help people secure affordable housing and support themselves. Your generous donations and wishes make a real difference. Whether you choose to make a car donation, donate, or volunteer, your actions have the power to bring a smile to the faces of those who have lost hope.

We are Change Makers


We always look for opportunities to support people who have a good heart, even if they made bad choices in the past. Ongoing support can make a significant difference when someone is struggling with substance addiction. By giving a second chance to people who were formerly incarcerated but are trying to make changes, these mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters can make their families stronger:


  • Addiction treatment centers
  • Work-release programs
  • Correctional re-entry services

Empowers the Braves

At Orpe Human Rights Advocates, we have infinite amounts of respect for the men and women who have stood at the forefront of our armed forces. We believe it is important to stand together with veterans who have sacrificed so much. When these brave soldiers return to everyday life, they and their families often need help integrating back into society. By encouraging car donations for veterans, offering housing assistance, and providing job search programs, service members have a place to call home and the tools to take care of their families.


It is our believe that as light shiners in the midst darkness, we are called to build relationships with community and government authorities. Together, we champion positive changes that contributing in ending all forms of human rights abuses. We walk with public servants in order to sleak into legislations, policies, systems, and attitudes that impact global poverty. Through these relationships and influence, we seek justice and renewal in vulnerable communities, so God's purpose could be revealved in each person we serve.

Rescuing "Lives"


Governed under the aegis of the divine authority, Orpe Human Rights Advocates (OHRA) is a worldwide  movement sets out to safeguard the rights and well-being of those people who cannot assert their own fundamental rights.  In its efforts to achieve this objective, OHRA empowers and sustains advocates for the purpose of ensuring that every citizen of a nation could exercise its fundamental rights without restrictions based on political opinions, social economic status, membership in a particular social group, religion, race, ethnic origin, or nationality. It operates within the realm of equality, impartiality, neutrality, and independence. It has vocation of rescuing oppressed, refugees, individuals living inslaves due to the extreme poverty, victims of torture, victims of human trafficking, and children. OHRA advocates for people injustely deprived of their liberties. Victimzed victims are rescued through sting operations, legal battles, and diplotatic advocacy.

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