Crisis Prevention & Intervention

One of the mission of the ORPE Human Rights Advocates is to advocate and assist distressed, underprivileged, people living in poverty, or assist those whose rights have been abused. In most cases distressed, underprivileged, and people in poverty are regular people who otherwise were competitive and due to a uncontrollable events they might become powerless. Nobody is immune. This can happen to anybody and often, if there are no supporting team around, consequences that follow tend to deteriorate health conditions, and in most cases,  impairment in self-esteem,  stagnation in finding solutions to the basic problems of the life. All of these factors lead to the inability to maintain a job and thus poverty occurs, depression, and the spirit of committing suicide enter the mind of a victim.  


We take aim in fighting injustice in the lives of individual while rooting out exploitative policies and practices that keep people in poverty. OHRA is expected to use impact litigation, community organizing, and policy advocacy to solve urgent problems in areas such as housing, education, civil rights, immigration, healthcare and consumer finance. 


ORPE Crisis Prevention and Intervention Initiative is designed  around preventing crisis that might occur in the minds of a distressed, underprivileged, people in poverty, or those rights have been abused. Under this initiative we are concern about cases involving: